Job: Midland Basin Land Lead

Title Midland Basin Land Lead
Location Midland
Job Information

Job: RSP Permian, L.L.C. is currently seeking a Senior Landman for our Midland Office with the following experience:



Senior Level Landman responsible for managing the Midland Basin land team for a large cap public exploration and production company.  This position reports directly to the District Land Manager.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Includes the following and other duties as may be assigned:


Make recommendations relative to the negotiation/acquisition of oil and gas leases, and respective exploration contracts.  Provide recommendations on actions to be taken on complicated lease offers, lease trades and other contractual agreements.  Assign and outline work, advise on title or lease issues, review work for accuracy and conformity with legal and financial obligations.


Review leases bought, prices paid, and other negotiations of competing companies in specified areas and determine expenditure necessary to obtain leases and other contracts in areas of interest.


Verify seller-owned working interest and net revenue interests in producing properties, taking into account the effect of governing contracts (preferential rights, production payments, net profits interest, etc) which may bear on seller’s interests.


Leverage industry contacts in the identification of producing property acquisition opportunities in targeted areas of interest.  Maintain and develop contacts throughout the Permian Basin.


Negotiate with brokers or other individuals to sell interests in leases or mineral right owned.


Manage/Direct Brokers in updating records, acquisition of Leasehold in specific Prospect, settlement agreements, and curative work required in a Drilling Opinion/Division Order Title Opinion.


Make recommendations to District Land Manager and Executive Management on agreements and contracts for purchase, sale and acquisition of land leases, mineral and royalty rights.


Qualifications: Requires Bachelor’s degree; at least seven years of Permian Basin related experience.


Please send all resumes and inquiries to and please include Midland Basin Land Lead in the Subject Line.


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